HERON at the RISE-SD 2023 | 29-31 May 2023

HERON at the RISE-SD 2023

HERON partner Satways participated at the “Research and Innovation Symposium for European Security and Defense” (RISE-SD), an international conference which took place from 29 to 31  May 2023 in Rhodes, Greece. RISE-SD is an international EU Research and Innovation event in the field of disaster and crisis management, Critical Infrastructure protection, border security and defence research. The audience included more than 200 participants, such as high-level EU representatives, governmental representatives, researchers, industry, practitioners, and European security and defense stakeholders. Several representatives from DG HOME, JRC, the European Research Executive Agency (REA) and others intervened as keynote / panel discussion speakers. About 37 projects exhibited their results and tools at the exhibition booths, while 73 project presentations were offered to the audience.The conference consisted of 8 sessions, one of which focused on Critical Infrastructure Resilience, like those of the Road Transport, during which HERON solutions were presented to the audience. The conference presentations and online proceedings are available in RISE-SD 2023 website.

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