HERON at the CPS4CIP 2023 | 29 September 2023

HERON at the CPS4CIP 2023

On the 29th of September, Satways was invited to CPS4CIP 2023 and presented the HERON project and the solution that it provides to the project.
The current CI operator needs, the added value offered by HERON system and the functionalities provided by ENGAGE platform that will be used as the main incident management and decision support system, provided by Satways, were presented to the audience.
The workshop engaged several presentations with regards to CI resilience and enhanced service provision, provided by active projects and consortiums of European research institutes, industrial partners and end users.
More information about the The 4th International Workshop on Cyber-Physical Security for Critical Infrastructures Protection (CPS4CIP 2023) are available here

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