WP1 | Project Coordination and Management

D1.1 | Quality Assurance Plan

D1.2 | Data Management Plan (first version)

D1.3 | Societal impact report (version 1)

D1.4 | Societal impact report (version 2)

D1.5 | Quality Assurance Report (version 1)

D1.6 | Quality Assurance Report (version 2)

D1.7 | Project Management Plan (version 1 РCO )

D1.8 | Project Management Plan
(first period – CO )

D1.9 | Project Management Plan
(second period – CO )

D1.10 | Project Management Plan
(Final period – CO )

D1.11 | Data Management Plan (second version)

D1.12 | Data Management Plan (third version)

D1.13 | Data Management Plan (fourth version)

WP2 | End-Users Requirements, Metrics and System Design

D2.1 | End-user needs and KPIs report

D2.2 | Architecture specification ( CO )

D2.3 | Geographic data and services inventory

WP3 | AI-based algorithms and tools Recognition, Classification and Localisation of the Points of Interest

D3.1 | AI – driven image segmentation and feature extraction

D3.2 | Software for refinement of segmentation results – CO

D3.3 | Point of interest recognition and classification software – CO

D3.4 | Point of interest georeferencing and precise localisation software

D3.5 | High level planner

WP4 | Motion and High-Level Planner for the automated HERON system

D4.1 | Design and Implementation of the low-level controller – CO

D4.2 | Motion Planning and Learning Manipulation Actions – CO

D4.3 | Representation for high level planning

WP5 | Development of the Robotic Platform, Improved Navigation and integration with the sensing devices

D5.1 | 3D Mapping and Autonomous Navigation – CO

D5.2 | Drones Implementation

D5.3 | Design and Development of the Robotic Platform with adaptive and enhanced capabilities – CO

D5.4 | Development of the AR components

WP6 | Communication and Networking Solutions, DSS, IMS and CoP

D6.1 | Secure Communication and Networking infrastructure

D6.2 | Middleware and DF services

D6.3 | COP and Customized IMS for RI operations – CO

WP7 | Field integration, demonstration and validation activities

D7.1 | Definition and testing of the interfaces of the HERON sub-components – CO

D7.2 | Report on the system configurations for the field trials and deployment at the demonstration sites

D7.3 | First version (V1) of the HERON System – CO

D7.4 | Final version (V2) of the HERON System – CO

D7.5 | Acceptance tests for the HERON system

D7.6 | Reports on pilot testing (version 1)

D7.7 | Reports on pilot testing (final version)

D7.8 | Trials assessment and recommendations

D7.9 | Training Package and Consensus building workshop notes

WP8 | High-Impact Communication and Dissemination Activities

D8.1 | Corporate identity and general templates for dissemination material

D8.2 | Project Website

D8.3 | Dissemination and Communication (first version) Plan

D8.4 | Dissemination and Communication Plan (second version)

D8.5 | Information Packs for referenced and networked communication amplifiers

D8.6 | Annual Magazine issued (first version)

D8.7 | Report on the project clustering activities (first version)

D8.8 | Report on the project clustering activities (final version)

D8.9 | Annual Magazine Issues (second version)

D8.10 | Annual Magazine Issue (third version)

D8.11 | Annual Magazine Issue (Fourth Version)

WP9 | Exploitation of Results, Standardization and Sustainability Activities

D9.1 | Exploitation Strategy (version 1)

D9.2 | Exploitation Strategy (second version)

D9.3 | Market Analysis and Business Plan (first version) – CO

D9.4 | Market Analysis and Business Plan (second version) – CO

D9.5 | Workshop Documentation

D9.6 | The HERON Roadmap

WP10 | Ethics requirements

D10.1 | H – Requirement No. 1 – CO

D10.2 | POPD – Requirement No.2 – CO

D10.3 | EPQ – Requirement No. 3 – CO